"Shit bug rec. I was expecting more from awesome pena."

22.08.2015 01:43 by bene



bene12.09.15 08:21
I think speed depends on where and how you perform the wheelpop, in some cases its just wheel and in others its entire bike. Or maybe its always entire bike but strength differs depending on spot. Check merge of 03z1728.rec and 03x1719.rec for example.

Dawid11.09.15 21:42
Is it proved that the wheelpop speeds whole bike, not only wheel localy?

iltsu22.08.15 20:02
Unshit bug rec. This is what i expect from awesome pena

Hosp22.08.15 07:47
I thoroughly enjoy this. Sexy sexy rec.

kuchitsu22.08.15 01:58
magic wheel! awesome