Fit lev, int06. Rec was nammed 06sp2991.rec probably it was the wr rec.                       

04.02.2016 01:40 by Dawid



Pab20.11.16 15:21

sunl06.02.16 04:52
Open QWQUU, set "landmarks" for original polygon locations. Import picture. Resize whole map except landmarks to fit over picture. Make fitlev. Resize whole map back over landmarks Tada?

polarix06.02.16 04:24
haha this is awesome

Dawid05.02.16 12:40
I use qwquu lev. But when i import pic, it is not the same size as qwquu lev. So i have to manually resize the poligon to fit it to the qwquu poligons. I will try make program so everything will fit correctly.

sunl05.02.16 06:35
You should use original QWQUU level and modify it because right now the wheels are floating! But pretty cool. I've actually dreamed of doing this in the past, but have always been too lazy to figure out how to record bike position throughout level :P

Dawid04.02.16 17:13
At this moment I do "manually". 1. Record replay in Elmanager (black kuski on uniform background) with screen rocorder. (my own program which records PNG frames). 2. Remove background in Blender (compositing). So background is transparent. 3. Add all frames to GIMP as layers, save pic. 4. Import pic to level editor. In this rec I have used Elmanager. In previous rec I used NEW!. save lev. 5. ez binary edit original .rec file to change lev related to rec. ez to make one program to do this

Ves04.02.16 17:11
koo, what's your question is all about? :) he collects trajectory of wheels and head and then generates polygons out of it.

umiz04.02.16 14:54
Amazing :) I love your recs Dawid.

k0004.02.16 14:36
How do you make levs for these recs?