01.08.2016 19:18 by sunl



zweq213.09.16 21:32
It indeed is very old. Rec is driven june 2011 and first version (31:72) feb 2011. I copied romy4 with improvements. Well, to be exact I knew route just like anyone probably did, but I didn't know apple was quick-hangable before saw romy4 rec.

Madness02.08.16 12:20
Dawid: It's not crazy new, it's over 5 years old. Not sure how you want to improve 1.5 seconds, but you can certainly have a go at it, sl is available to everyone.

Dawid02.08.16 00:24
crazy new fast route! however imo 21 sec spot is slow and just by improving that spot it is poss to done faster than current WR.